Here's a list of some commercial projects carried out by Nicolli: facades, windows and doors, cladding systems, metal carpentry, solar shading and architectural complements.

  • Arco Polyfunctional centre

    LEED Gold certification for this polyfunctional centre, to which Nicolli contributed with the design, manufacturing and installation of very high...

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  • Tower Centre Rijeka

    The Croatian project includes a directional tower and the large architectural shape of the shopping centre, centrally dominated by a...

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  • Gaivi

    Strongly characterised by the façade work and the continuous Trespa composite blade sun breaker, Gaivi headquarters shows a strong relationship...

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  • Goldenpada

    The Goldenpada project dealed with the redefinition of the style of an industrial building where a monolith "suspended" on a...

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  • Siggi Group

    Light is the dominating feature of the expansion of the Siggi Group office building, with the simple composition enhancing the...

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  • Unieuro Rosà

    In the Unieuro Rosà building, the main feature is the "play" between the transparency of the glass and the colour...

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