Aluminum cladding skylights

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Masonry skylights with painted metal sheet cladding secured to a metal structure, with FW 60+ glass panels on the façade, with motor-driven protrusion opening.

  • Manufacturing industry

    The headquarters of this manufacturing industry has been designed with particular attention to energy saving and climate comfort. The large...

  • MG Materie Plastiche

    The MG Materie Plastiche building, characterised by terracotta cladding and a unique copper finish of the intrados of the windows,...

  • FFI Global

    The FFI Global project consisted in adding double-skin façade on a pre-existing concrete structure. The internal façade is structural, divided...

  • Citco

    The large point-fixed façade of Citco headquarters is the ideal backdrop for the suspended meeting room, cladded with metal sheet...

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