SFC 85 Structural façade system

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Structural façade system

The thermally broken façade Schüco SFC 85 (Stick Frame Construction) is an innovative solution for curtain walling with the opening vents flush-fitted in the load-bearing structure (“glass wall” effect). It is a type of structural glazing  that cannot be identified as insert units from the outside or the inside.
Three types of glazing and vent weights of up to 250 kg, together with the new generation of fittings, help create a versatile façade solution with a high degree of transparency.


  • Opening vents fully integrated into the load-bearing structure, also in combination with concealed motor drive.
  • Newly developed insulating bar means fixed lights and opening vents look identical both inside and outside.
  • Three types of glazing allow greater design freedom.
  • An innovative ratchet stay for infinitely variable fixing of the opening side on manually operated projected top-hung windows.
  • Tried and tested system solution with European Technical Approval (ETA).


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