Point-fixed façades

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The point-fixed façade (or VEA façade) is a system used to cover buildings with a shell of glass panels using point-fixing elements, which may or may not go through the panels, attached to a metal structure.

Steel cross pieces (also called spiders) are attached to a tubular metal structure, normally made of steel. The cross pieces also help ensure the perpendicular positioning and the alignment of the panels. One or more rotules are then attached to the spiders. Their function is to absorb any panel dynamic thrusts. On the outside, these fastening systems are finished with studs, which contribute to the general finish of the façade.
The glass panels are normally sealed with structural silicon, unless in case of thermal or sound insulation, or safety requirements.

The assembled system has a very modern look, giving a special character to the façade and contributing to a feeling of lightness.
Point-fixed façades are high performance systems. Their strengths lie in their transparency and aesthetic appeal. For this reason, they are used when strong visual appeal is required, or when there is a great need for transparency in order to enhance the interiors.

  • FFI Global

    The FFI Global project consisted in adding double-skin façade on a pre-existing concrete structure. The internal façade is structural, divided...

  • Citco

    The large point-fixed façade of Citco headquarters is the ideal backdrop for the suspended meeting room, cladded with metal sheet...

  • Industrie Grafiche Peruzzo

    In the Industrie Grafiche Peruzzo building the double-skin point-fixed custom made façade system with walkway delimited by glass panels joined...

  • Palazzo delle Professioni

    In the Palazzo delle Professioni composition, the rectangular grid of the pale block, with similar pattern windows, is contrasted by...

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