AWS 114 opening window

  • AWS 114 section view
  • facade, curtain wall, opening, windows, frames
  • AWS 114 opening window
  • facade, curtain wall, opening, windows, frames
  • facades, windows, opening
  • AWS 114 Tip Tronic section view


Schüco Aluminium Window System 114

The Schüco Aluminium Window System 114 insert unit offers a diverse range of design options in nearly all Schüco façade systems, in the structural and mullion-transom versions. The appearance of this innovative system with large vent formats c

an be integrated seamlessly into different façade geometries.
The comprehensive glazing range enables custom-built solutions for requisite safety and thermal insulation, including triple glazing and glass thicknesses of up to 52 mm.


  • Opening types: projected top-hung (vent weights of up to 250 kg) and parallel-opening window (vent weights of up to 200 kg).
  • Uf values in the .SI (Super Insulation) version: of up to 1.3 W/(m²K).
  • Seamless visual integration without compromising the uniform façade geometry.
  • Optional operation with concealed Schüco TipTronic motor drive.
  • Safety class 0 and 4 possible: for projected top-hung and parallel-opening windows.
  • Energy-absorbing limiting stays allow safety barrier loading.
  • RC 2 burglar resistance.
  • 2 types of glazing: stepped insulating glazing and standard insulating glazing .
  • Large vent measurements and weights for manual as well as Schüco TipTronic fittings can be designed for a high level of transparency.
  • System-optimised with low operating forces.
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