Etichettificio Veneto

  • building restyling
  • ribbon windows
  • architectural brass sculpture
  • architectural sculpture
  • architectural brass sculpture
  • architectural sculpture
  • sculpture giovanni casellato for etichettificio veneto
  • staircase
  • staircase and skylight
  • skylight
  • skylight detail
  • interior glass frame

The synergy between the Etichettificio Veneto customer, the designer and Nicolli's technicians brought to the speedy completion of this architectural project, aimed at giving to the company of the customer a more dynamic and original image.
In addition to the large ribbon window, the exterior of the building features the inclusion of a curved satin finished brass sheet covered wall. The large sail bends forward to welcome the visitor, who is taken in by the movement and the vibrant light reflected by the metal. The experience and attention to detail of sculptor Giovanni Casellato was an extremely important factor in the creation of this "architectural sculpture".
The interiors enhance the idea of transparency and clarity of the working environment: clean and minimalist shapes, crystal, natural glass and steel are brought to life by the light coming from the skylight installed by Nicolli, together with the extensive internal glazing.

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