Nicolli srl - entrance

Nicolli srl - entrance

Established in 1954 by Leonida Nicolli, the company has always been committed to ensuring that comfort which throughout its history, has always been its mission. Leonida produced stoves, sprung bed bases and steel fencing with the utmost attention, precision and accuracy typical of craft activities.

The evolution started in the seventies, during the energy crisis that brought to the exploitation of aluminium. Nicolli was able to evolve and diversify, starting to produce doors and windows made using such material, taking responsibility for their installation, always with an attention to detail typical of craftsmen.

In the eighties, Claudio, son of Leonida, joined the activity and brought some important changes. In addition to product quality, the company also started to invest in human resources and technology, conscious of the fact that professionalism is unavoidably linked with these aspects.

The collaborations developed during the years with suppliers, the consultants and the leading systems of the door and window sector, the recent efforts in state of the art technology centres and the constant attention towards innovation, go hand in hand with the constant update of company personnel, always of a young age. Our activity always looks at new ideas, new materials, new applications, to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers: companies, professionals, enterprises and private individuals.

The company philosophy and the organisation of the production process during these years have brought many strategic and promotional, in additional to economic, results. In particular: ISO 9001:2008 certification, SOA certificate, creation in 2007, together with 11 other companies, of the Idrabuilding consortium, and the partnership in 2010 with Casaitalia, aimed at promoting the Made in Italy in Saudi Arabia.
All important and positive confirmations of the value of the direction taken.

Today, more than sixty years from its formation, Nicolli is involved in state of the art architectural activities where quality, professionalism and technology are the leitmotiv of its company philosophy. And Nicolli's quality comes to life feeding from the ideas of the designer or the customer. We always look for the best solution, with the aim of ensuring the best performance, and the comfort of those who will enjoy the finished product.

"Economic Progress" Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit 2003, the company is a well known important and skilled partner for customers who want a certified and modern product, where attention has been paid to each and every detail, and for those looking for innovative and functional solutions in the continuous façade, aluminium door and window, technical filling and high technology glass cladding sectors.

The company has extensive experience in the private sector, but is mostly specialised in industrial and commercial projects, as demonstrated by the many jobs completed in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the high quality levels, Nicolli is in fact responsible for the completion of important architectural projects, often working in collaboration with well-known professionals of the sector, for whom it designs, manufactures and installs doors and windows and façade cladding systems.