Nicolli Company - Molvena

Location Nicolli srl in Molvena

Nicolli Company is capable of tackling the cladding - not just using glass - of all types of architectures, industrial, commercial or residential ones. Our works are both public and private, thanks to our experience acquired in over sixty years of activity.
The specifications of our work are many and are mainly defined through an analysis of the project. The aim is finding the best solution for each and every technical and aesthetic issue.

Following operating procedures where the individual is the centre of attention, bringing together sensitivity, technology, capability of listening to the customer and focusing on details with research and experimentation, the company organises the executive design and the completion of the job, coordinating the assembly and installation activities with the general site works.

The energy, safety and reliability parameters of the building, more and more centred on the safeguard of living quality, require collaboration with the designers, supporting their creativity and finding solutions to technical-architectural issues. But it is also the versatility of aluminium, recyclable, light, creative and adaptable to all situations, that stimulates Nicolli's technicians to collaborate with the designers, who are therefore seen as partners, rather than simple customers.

These collaborations have resulted in the most innovative, state of the art and sometimes spectacular results. Continuous, structural, point-fixed or bright façades, domes, pyramids, sun breakers, large glass windows, combinations of materials and daring shapes for architectures that are always well conceived, assessed and "felt".

Nicolli doesn't just cover: we dresses the building like a tailor, ensuring a mix of surprise and comfort, where experience, human resources, technology and image all contribute to the best result. A company that positively communicates with the customer, leaving to the final result the task of demonstrating the quality of the work, and causing an array of emotions.